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Panoz Auto Development/Panoz LLC

Panoz Auto Development was founded in 1989. After a few years of building their first car, the Roadster, the company developed the Esperante so they could compete in sports car racing in 1997. Later, the company would be renamed Panoz LLC.

Panoz produces cars tailered to the buyer's preferences, and can fit almost any engine into their builds.

Panoz Esperante

The Esperante was developed in the late 90s and was revealed in 2000. Panoz's engines are typically sourced from General Motors' LS-based small-block engine and Ford Motor Company's Modular V8 family.

Typical Esperante Specs

Curb Weight3,384lb1,535kg

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Steve's Thoughts on the Panoz Esperante

I remember this car from Gran Turismo and it was interesting to discover that now in 2023, the car is still being produced! It is a striking car in both its motorsports form and road-going version.

- , June 19, 2023

Panoz Abruzzi