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What Are Cookies?

Cookies serve as a short term memory for web sites, so that web sites can adapt to the user. Ever log into Facebook or Twitter? Some of what makes that possible is cookies.

Why Have a Cookie Policy?

European regulations require them now. Notice how so many web sites have pop-ups and blocks dedicated to alerting you to their cookie policy? The regulations require that or something similar to allow you to consent to cookies. On top of that law making the Internet a more annoying place to navigate, the pop-up itself is often operated by cookies, so if you choose to not consent to a web site's cookies that use those pop-ups, the web site can't (or shouldn't be able to) tell you have consented or rejected the offer; if the web site is coded so the rejection of consent means cookies are not accepted, that means anyone visiting the site with an in-browser cookies disabled setting applied, you won't be alerted to missing site functionality, and then the web site's quality is lower as a result.

We have this policy only because Europe is punishing web sites that don't have one.

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