Cars Simplified: Everything Automotive Explained

Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company has been around for over a century, mass-producing vehicles since the company was founded in June of 1903. The founder of the company, Henry Ford, is often mis-credited with inventing the automobile. He did, however, master the automotive assembly line, allowing the mass-production of cars, which lowered the price drastically. It could be said that Henry Ford invented the affordable automobile. The Ford headquarters is in Dearborn, , .

More than just a passenger car company, Ford has produced a wide range of vehicles, including the hugely popular Mustang muscle car, and the Ford GT, a mid-engined supercar based on one of their 1963 race car designs.

Ford SVT

Ford's official tuning company SVT (which stands for Special Vehicle Team) creates a number of high-performance models, such as the F-150 SVT Lightning and Raptor. They sometimes build entire cars for the company, such as the Ford GT (built with help from Saleen, which has worked with Ford V8s before in Mustangs). This division was formerly known as SVO (Special Vehicle Operations), and is known as Ford Team RS in Europe, and FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) in Australia.