Cars Simplified: Everything Automotive Explained

Gran Turismo

Although the game series Gran Turismo has set a standard for realistic racing simulators, they have a few fictional vehicles in their games which are based on real physics and material capabilities. Some of them are just fictional modifications of real vehicles, while a few are completely original.

Red Bull X

The Red Bull X car is based on "what could be" in a racing series without any regulations at all. This super-high performance vehicle first appeared as a 2010 model in Gran Turismo 5, and this was followed by the 2011 model as downloadable content. Gran Turismo 6 introduced the X2014; noteworthy changes to this model include a full-width rear wing mounted lower, deeper front wing, and reduced power to make it easier to drive. There was also a smaller Junior model of the X2014.

Gran Turismo Red Bull X2010 Race Car S. Vettel

Generic Open Wheel Cars

Some of the Gran Turismo series has had open wheel cars which aren't based on any real series (like Indy or Formula 1). These cars either go by the name "Formula Gran Turismo", or have a code name like "F090/S".

Vision Gran Turismo

Starting in Gran Turismo 6, the GT team set up a fantasy vehicle development challenge for real-world manufacturers, allowing creative teams to let their imaginations run free, developing an ideal model.