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General Motors

General Motors is an automotive corporation from the United States of America which has many popular branches, some of which have their headquarters in other countries and continents. General Motors is publicly traded as NYSE: GM.

The company is one of "The Big Three" in the United States of America, produces a number of popular brands. Some of their brands are based in other countries, most of which are in Europe.


General Motors produces a number of engines which are available as a "crate engine", or engine you can buy, brand new, without a car. They are well known for their V8 engines, particular their 5.7 liter (350 CI) V8 and their LS line of V8s.

2009 GM Bailout

General Motors recieved a bailout from the United States government in June of 2009 which prevented the company from going bankrupt or, in a worst case scenario, out of business.

GM was one of three automotive companies that showed up to ask for bailout funds, and was one of the companies that recieved money through section 363 of Chapter 11, Title 11, United States Code. As part of this process, General Motors sold Hummer, Saturn, and Saab, which added to their list of discontinued brands like Pontiac. The US government also owned a small portion of the company afterwards.

The bailout took place in a time of economic trouble, which put pressure on the government to bail out these companies due to their importance in the country's economy, and the number of jobs at stake.

In addition to car manufacturing brands, General Motors also owns AC Delco, an auto parts manufacturer/brand.

DEX-Cool: The General Motors Coolant

Since 1996, General Motors has been using DEX-Cool, their own formula of coolant that is only found in their vehicles.