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A blue Subaru BRZ drifting through some smoke. Animated GIF Image.

Subaru is an automotive company from which is popular for its all-wheel drive passenger vehicles and boxer engines. It has had a lot of success in rally racing with their Impreza model.

Subaru recently worked with Toyota to co-produce the blue car seen drifting through smoke at the right, the Subaru BRZ, which was also produced as the Toyota GT 86 and the Scion FR-S. Regardless of the badge, these cars have a Subaru engine, transmission, brake, and suspension components.

Subaru used to be owned by a parent company Fuji Heavy Industries (founded in 1953) until 2017, when FJI simply became Subaru Coproration. Subaru is publicly traded as TYO: 7270 via the Tokyo Stock Exchange in its home country of Japan, and has an unsponsored ADR OTCMKTS: FUJHY for US markets.