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Pontiac Grand Prix

Pontiac's moderate-performance five-seater, the Grand Prix, was produced by for decades, over the course of seven generations. The last three generations were front-wheel drive, and had various performance packages which evolved over the years. The sixth generation, for example, had 3100, 3800, and 3800 supercharged engine options, while the most powerful option for the fifth generation was the 3400, a modified version of the 3100.

Many generations of the Grand Prix were what Pontiac used as a model to compete in NASCAR with.

In 1989 and 1990, there was a McLaren-tuned turbo package for the 3100 SFI, which was produced in limited numbers (about 2,000 overall) and had a power output of 205 HP.

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE

Pictured above is an arctic white 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, which comes with a 3100 (3.1 Liter) engine.