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NASCAR, which is an acronym for "National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing", is a form of motorsport which is quite popular in the .

NASCAR's headquarters is found at 1 Daytona Blvd (at W International Speedway Blvd) Daytona Beach, Florida 32114.

Common Misconceptions

NASCAR vehicles cannot be reffered to as "Nascars". The proper way to use it in a sentence is with all capital letters, because it is an acronym.

The sport is often considered to be a dumbed-down form of motorsports. The oval racing allows the vehicle to be set up for just left turns, which makes the overall speed much higher than it would have been, and within regulations, the engines are nearly as advanced as Formula 1 engines.

Not all NASCAR events take place at oval tracks.

There are multiple tiers of NASCAR racing.

Other NASCAR Series

Most people associate NASCAR with their main cup series, but there are many other classes/divisions they host.

The NASCAR Modified Series Video by S1apSh0es