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A List of Automotive Manufacturers from Germany

The geographical outline of germany filled with the German flag.

Germany is a country located in Europe, and the country's capital is Berlin. Above is an alphabetical list of automotive brands from Germany. Some of the companies might produce some cars outside the country, but the companies' origins and/or current headquarters are in some notable way connected to Germany.

Germany contains the famous track in Nürburg, where many manufacturers test their performance cars and attempt to set fast lap times that can be used to sell the car's performance figures. This track is one of the longest in the world, with the Nordschleife section at 20.8km (12.9mi) and the 24.4km (15.2mi) configuration that includes park of the modern F1 track.

Another noteworthy point of interest in Germany is a road called the , a stretch of public road known for having no speed limit, but has had speed limits placed in sections over time.

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