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 A red Brabus SLS Mercedes

Brabus is a tuning company located in and founded in 1977 by Professor Bodo Buschmann and Klaus Brackman. It specializes in tuning vehicles produced by Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, and Smart. Much of their focus is on improving the Horsepower and Torque, but they also improve the chassis performance and include a body kit to give the vehicles tuned by Brabus a signature look.

Brabus Engine Overhauls

One of the most notable services Brabus has to offer is their complete engine overhaul. In some cases, the original engine is used, while in other cases, a new engine is brought in from AMG (the performance arm of Mercedes-Benz). The service extensively improves the engine with even higher performance parts, and a complete reprogramming of the ECU computer. The engines range in size from a 200 HP four-cylinder found in Mercedes SLK Roadsters to 800 HP twin-turbo blocks found in the Mercedes S-Class.