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Autobacs is an automotive parts company located in Japan and founded in 1947. Although it is mostly known for auto parts, it produced one original vehicle, the ASL Garaiya.

The specialty car manufacturer Tommy Kaira got into financial difficulties in the late 1990s and was bought out by Autobacs in 2001. The company was renamed ASL (Autobacs Sportscar Laboratory).

ASL Garaiya

The Garaiya is a small sports car based on the Tommy Kaira ZZ, with around 180 HP using the Nissan Primera's SR20VE engine. It weighs approximately 900 kilograms, making it similar to a Lotus Elise, since they are both very light weight mid-engined sports cars. This model was used as a base for a GT300 race car in the Japan Super GT Series.

ASL Garaiya Presentation

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