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Pontiac GTO

The GTO was one of the sporty coupe models built. It started life as a muscle car in 1964 and lasted only ten years, and was revived for three years (2004-2006), just before shut down their Pontiac division. The 2004 model year was equipped with a 5.7L LS1 engine, while the 2005 and 2006 models were equipped with a 6.0L LS2.

GTO Statistics

Weight3500 lbs.3840 lbs.N/AN/A3725 lbs.3725 lbs.3725 lbs.
Limited Top Speed114 MPHN/AN/AN/A155 MPH160 MPH160 MPH
Width74.4 in.N/AN/A72.5 in.72.5 in.72.5 in.72.5 in.
HeightN/ANANANA54.9 in.54.9 in.54.9 in.
Wheelbase115 in.112 in.N/A111 in.109.8 in.109.8 in.109.8 in.
Production Count324057770448067058157401106913948
Largest Engine6.6L V87.5L V86.6L V85.7L V8LS1LS2LS2
Top Horsepower348390250200350400400

Common Problems With The 2004/2005/2006 Pontiac GTO by Cars Simplified

Steve sits in his 2005 Pontiac GTO and talks about the 11 most common issues with the final generation of GTO. This video was published January 9th, 2021.

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Steve's Thoughts on the 2005 Pontiac GTO

The 2005 Pontiac GTO is a great car overall! The LS2 engine manages to produce 400 horsepower at the crank while also being quite reliable. I'm not surprised these engines find their way into so many cars via engine swaps. The GTO itself is a nice combo of good looks without being too flashy; a combo I was quite interested in and what drew me to the car in the first place. My first choice for color would have been blue, but Yellow Jacket is a great color, too! I would for sure get this car if I didn't already own it, knowing what I know about it.

- , July 4th, 2023