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Pontiac GTO

The GTO was one of the sporty coupe models Pontiac built. It started life as a muscle car in 1964 and lasted only ten years, and was revived for three years (2004-2006), just before General Motors shut down their Pontiac division. The 2004 model year was equipped with a 5.7L LS1 engine, while the 2005 and 2006 models were equipped with a 6.0L LS2.

GTO Statistics

Weight3500 lbs.3840 lbs.N/AN/A3725 lbs.3725 lbs.3725 lbs.
Limited Top Speed114 MPHN/AN/AN/A155 MPH160 MPH160 MPH
Width74.4 in.N/AN/A72.5 in.72.5 in.72.5 in.72.5 in.
HeightN/ANANANA54.9 in.54.9 in.54.9 in.
Wheelbase115 in.112 in.N/A111 in.109.8 in.109.8 in.109.8 in.
Production Count324057770448067058157401106913948
Largest Engine6.6L V87.5L V86.6L V85.7L V8LS1LS2LS2
Top Horsepower348390250200350400400

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