Nissan DeltaWing

The DeltaWing is a prototype race car funded/raced by Nissan's division, and originally built/developed by All American Racers. Initially, the DeltaWing was unable to compete in any forms of motorsports due to not fitting into any regulations.

The Nissan DeltaWing on a test run.

Its design was in response to the problem that many modern race cars had: In order to be competitive in the corners, a lot of downforce is generated, but on the straightaways, there was too much drag for passing. It is named atfer the Delta Wing Aircraft, which get their name from the greek letter Δ (Delta).

The Deltawing made its debut in 2012, and was quite accident-prone around other vehicles. It was doing well at Le Mans until (as seen at the left) it was run into by an LMP2 class Toyota, and (as seen at the right) a Porsche GTC class car ran into it at the next race it entered, Road Atlanta. Neither of these crashes were due to engineering problems.

Wrecks aside, the car has shown promise in the races it has entered, and may influence the design of other Le Mans prototypes, or even a concept/production model if interest grows. If the basic design is adopted by another company, it could result in a new Le Mans class or its own racing series. However, it is equally likely that the DeltaWing program may get cancelled althogether, or overhauled into something completely different.

The Nissan Deltawing