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Lotus Eletre

The Eletre is an electric performance SUV built by Lotus.

Lotus Eletre: Speed by Lotus

A teaser video for the Lotus Eletre uploaded to the official .

First Look at the Electric Luxury Lotus Eletre SUV by Shmee150

Shmee150 takes a look at the new Lotus Eletre electric SUV.

Shmee150's Thoughts

This is the brand new Lotus Eletre, their full electric, luxury SUV! Let's take a first look at the car that marks a new generation for Lotus in a totally new segment. With design carried through from Evija and Emira, Eletre brings lots of new technology too, let's check it out!

Lotus are known for small, lightweight sportscars so needless to say a large form factor SUV powered by an electric powertrain is quite the departure. However, with the Evija EV hypercar under their belt, Eletre (previously known as Type 132) marks a statement of intent for the British marque as to where things will go from here. Notably the ethos is there, from both the design and aerodynamic work, to still maintaining the belief to keep the vehicle light for the segment.

Eletre itself means 'coming to life' in Hungarian. There will be various versions available, with over 100kWh battery packs, and starting with a 600hp offering that combines with the 800V architecture and 350kW charging. However, the technology truly stands out with depoyable LIDAR and a sense of the car being alive through the use of lighting inside and out.