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Rislone's Zinc/Phosphorous (ZDDP) Additives

Rislone Zinc ZDDP Engine Oil Supplement

Rislone has produced two ZDDP oil additive products. The original (part/product number 4401) but discontinued quart bottle, as seen at the right, and the newer triple concentrated formula (part/product number 4405). Both are used to increase the zinc/phosophorous (Zinc dithiophosphate) levels in motor oils used on older engines which require ZDDP.

Rislone ZDDP 3x Concentrate Additive

In addition to being a regular additive for older engines, this makes a great addition to oil when breaking in a rebuilt engine. The zinc acts as a sacrificial barrier between new metal parts.

High levels of Zinc are not recommended for vehicles with catalytic converters, since it bonds to the elements in them and will clog it up over time.

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