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How to Replace Wipers

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Wipers appear universal, but there are a few basic features that need to be selected for correct fit and function on your particular vehicle.

Note: These directions here will be on how to replace wipers, which is different than replacing wiper blades, which is specifically the rubber blade.

Note: There are so many different vehicle designs out there that this general advice cannot possibly account for every issue you may encounter.

Step 1: Find The Correct Wipers

You can't just buy whatever wipers you want and expect them to fit or work properly. Both the length and attachment method may differ between products. Incorrect attachment methods can cause wipers to fall off while driving, if they fit at all to begin with. Incorrect length can cause wipers to collide with each other or the vehicle body, causing damage, or be too small and not clear enough water from the windshield.

Generally, wiper blades are replaced in pairs, but make sure you don't have a vehicle with just a single wiper, or more than the typical two front wipers. Also, check to see if you have a rear wiper that needs to be replaced!

Step 2: Prepare The Wipers

Once you have the wipers and are ready to install them, you may need to prepare them. While this includes the most basic part, removing the wipers from the packaging, many wipers come with adapters that may need to be selected for your particular model. Different brands have different methods for attaching these adaptors, so that part will require instructions that come with the wipers.

Rear wipers tend to have designs that prevent swappable adapters, so the correct product selection is even more vital here.

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