About CarsSimplified.com

This site is designed to help people understand cars with as little background knowledge as possible. Any time a part, concept, or term is mentioned for the first time on each page, the word itself will be a link to the page about that part, concept, or term. The forum is another source of help, and a place where you can personally ask questions about something that isn't covered here, or not described well enough. We are also working on a version of this site for kids which should appear in the near future (we'll announce it on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere on the Internet).


The site is currently only staffed by three people. Stephen Brand built the site, wrote all the articles, and administrates the forum. Mac Davis at thecastsite hosts it. Kelli does occasional Internet promoting for the site. We may be adding a moderator or two to the forum sometime in the future.

Information Sources

You may have noticed a lot of our pages don't list sources. The writer uses a combination of basic knowledge and original testing (checking claims by working on an actual car) for the basis of these articles. However, some articles will have sources when the writer can't use their own knowledge and experience to write a great (and simple) article.

YouTube Sources

YouTube's embedded videos have a button on them which will link you to the video's main page, where the author will be credited. So far, only Engineering Explained has a large number of videos on this site. When looking for videos, we tend to choose based on how likely they are to not be taken down, not just quality alone.

Preferred Browser

This site is coded using HTML5, the latest version of HTML which old browsers (especially Internet Explorer) might not handle properly. For best viewing, we recommend updating your current browser, or switching to the latest version of the Opera Web Browser.


In order to keep the site going, we've placed ads on it. However, we will never use pop-up ads, or any ad which blocks the information the user is looking for. If you see any ad which doesn't obey these rules, send us a link to the page you found it via Facebook. In the future, if donations start coming in, we may remove the current ads entirely.