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Many of the embedded videos found on this site were created by a YouTube user by the name of EngineeringExplained. There is currently no partnership; videos on Cars Simplified are selected as the highest quality explanation that can be found, and Engineering Explained just consistently provides that.

You can see the new videos first by subscribing to the channel if you have a YouTube account. You can also visit his channel to leave feedback or see videos that aren't embedded on this site. If have a Facebook account, you can "like" the fan page, and your Facebook wall will show updates that get posted.

Getting to Know Engineering Explained by

Gear & Gasoline provide some background on Jason Fenske and his YouTube channel, EngineeringExplained. This video was uploaded in January of 2017, and even though this is a quality video, both channels have grown significantly since it was published.

EngineeringExplained is not currently affiliated with .