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Zagato Zele

The rare electric microcar Zagato Zele

's Zele model was an unusual car for the company, which was mostly known for style and performance-based vehicles. The car was produced in very limited quantities from 1974 to 1976, in 1000, 1500, and 2000 trim levels. The Zele was imported to the United States of America by the Elcar Corporation, which also developed a prototype four-seater version of the Zele, titled the Wagonette.


Inside the Zagato Zele

It was powered by an electric motor, and came equipped with a semi-automatic transmission, which is rare on electrically-powered cars even today. The transmission had six forward speeds and two reverse speeds, and the 2000 model came with a boost switch which altered the motor geometry, allowing for higher tourque levels required for driving at higher speeds. The car had a driving range of about 50 miles.


Finding a Zagato Zele for sale takes quite a bit of luck, due to the vehicle's drastically low production count.