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Wikispeed C3

The first production car by Wikispeed, known as the C3, is the first crowd-funded car ever built. It is available as both a full car and a kit car (not assembled) at a discounted price. One of its highly sought-after qualities is its 100+ MPG efficiency. The car's design is built upon from the SGT01 prototype which was built to showcase the company's potential. The car's name stands for Comfortable Commuter Car, and it is available for about $25,000.

The chassis of the C3 is mostly square aluminum tubing welded at 90° angles, with suspension and safety components mounted directly to it, as pictured below. This allows for easy design/assembly as well as a light overall weight at about 1,400 pounds.

An exploded view of the Wikispeed C3

Its performance numbers are impressive for a simple car, too, reaching almost 150 MPH, and a 0-60 time in under 5 seconds. It has a 5-star safety rating for all impact variables tested, and plenty of room for cargo. The engine is powered by traditional gasoline and combustion, but it is so efficient that it is able to travel 400 miles on its small four-gallon tank.