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Triumph was a vehicle and engine producing company located in Great Britan and founded in 1885. Its origins are in 1885 when Siegfried Bettmann of Nuremberg started S. Bettmann & Co, which started importing bicycles from Europe and selling them under his own trade-name in London, England. After just a year, the trade name was changed to Triumph. The company name is currently owned by BMW.

The motor company was started in 1930. The company encountered financial problems in 1936, and the Triumph bicycle and motorcycle businesses were sold, the latter to Jack Sangster of Ariel (not the same company that makes the Ariel Atom) to become Triumph Engineering Co Ltd.

The End of the Triumph Company

The last Triumph model was the Acclaim which was introduced in 1981 and was essentially a re-badged Ballade built under licence from Japanese company Honda. When that vehicle was replaced (rebadged by a different company), the Triumph name disappeared in 1984.