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The black #1 Lister Storm sponsored by Michelin Tires

Lister Cars Ltd. is a British sports car company which is based on the original George Lister and Sons company which started in 1954. They are mostly known for their racing cars, due to the limited numbers of their production and kit cars.

Pictured above left is one of the Lister Storm race cars, this example being the black #1 sponsored by Michelin Tires. This model typically featured a V12 engine mounted in the front.

Lister started competing in sports car racing using Bristol and Jaguar engines in their vehicles. 1959 saw the racing team and company retire until its return to racing in the 1980s.

 Jaguar V12

The Lister Storm V12 is powered by a Jaguar-designed 7.0 liter V12 engine, similar to the one pictured at the right. It produced over 600 horsepower when in race settings.

A street-legal version of the Lister Storm V12 became available in 1993, which was capable of over 200 MPH thanks to its 600 horsepower engine. Having a production version allowed them to enter the race car in a number of GT racing events where it finished well quite often.

The company is located at Lister House, Walliswood, Dorking, Surrey RH5 5RD, where it builds its cars today.

A Yellow & Green Lister Storm V12 Race Car