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ReBoot was a computer-animated TV show about characters based on what goes on inside a computer. The show lasted for four seasons, from 1994 to 2001.

Although the show tends to be quite good at interpreting computer terms, the show only made up part names for the vehicles, and didn't add much realism to the vehicles.

General Vehicles

A common means of transportation in Mainframe is the zip board, which consists of two circles connected by a flexible rod. The rider stands with one foot on each circle. There are also a large number of green-and-gold "CPU" vehicles which serve as Mainframe's police and military vehicles. They resemble police cars, and have a 1970s/1980s vehicle's body style.

Game Vehicles

A screenshot of open wheel cars from the ReBoot episode, Racing the Clock.Dot and Enzo Matrix's cars from 'Racing The Clock'.

Because the show took place in a computer, sometimes the characters would have to fight the user in video games.

Sometimes these games would have vehicles, such as in the second episode in season one, Racing the Clock, which featured the open-wheel race cars pictured to the right. These cars featured a "nitro" button (usually TV shows mistakenly use the term "Turbo" for this purpose, even though turbochargers aren't button-activated) which gave the car a speed boost. However, this boost lifted the front of the car off the ground at speed, which wouldn't happen, especially in high-downforce vehicles like these.

Bob's Vehicles

Bob Fixing His Car in ReBoot

Bob (or guardian 452) started the show with a beat-up red hover car he is often seen trying to fix, as you can see from the left picture from the fourth episode of season one, Medusa Bug. This doesn't resemble any particular brand of vehicle, but it is designed to have a muscle car look to it.

Bob's Car from ReBoot

Although the vehicle's upgrade isn't shown, Bob's car is later changed to a dark blue mid-engined car, with a massive engine-like structure behind the seats. This second car wasn't driven much by Bob, and was instead mostly driven by other characters.

Enzo's Vehicles

Young Enzo builds his own "hover kart" early in the series using the circles of the common zip bard to create a fictional lift generator in each of the positions a wheel would be on a real go-kart. In one episode, Enzo flies it into a game and it is converted into a go-kart with wheels.

After becoming "Matrix", he took posession of Megabyte's bike-like attack vehicle. In the episode Daemon Rising, it was revealed that it carries a comically-unrealistic number of missiles.

Megabyte's Vehicles

Through the first two seasons, Megabyte is often seen riding in a flying/hovering limousine. Late in season two he uses his flying motorcycle-like vehicle for the first time. His army has vehicles similar to Mainframe's "CPU" vehicles, called ABCs.