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Dodge Dart

The Dart is a compact sedan built by . It was originally built from 1960 to 1976, but it was brought back to replace the Dodge Neon in 2012. It was also made into the Viaggio, which was equipped and rebadged by Fiat for the Chinese market. The platform of the 2012's generation is the Compact US Wide, or CUSW.

A 2013 Dodge Dart

In the future, there will likely be an SRT-4 version of the Dart, like the Neon before it. The SRT4 will have a higher performance rating than the SE, SXT, Rallye, or R/T.

Travis Pastrana's #199 Red Bull Dodge Dart

Dodge Darts in Motorsports

Pictured at the right is Travis Pastrana's #199 Dodge/SRT Dart primarily sponsored by Red Bull. In the picture it is on display at a car show. This Dart is set up to compete in rallycross events.

Unlike the stock front wheel drive version, the rallycross dart is four wheel drive and produces about 600 horsepower.