Connecitcut, USA

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Connecticut is located in , and is part of New England. During the industrial revolution, Connecticut was home to many bearing factories, as well as producers of tools, hardware, and auto parts.

Automotive Points of Interest by Town

Salisbury is home to the circuit, a multi-layout course in the valley of scenic hills. The track hosts SCCA New England events, the IMSA SportsCar Championship, the IMSA Challenge, and a Labor Day Historic Festival.

The town of Stafford is home to the circuit.

Connecticut's capital of Hartford is home to the , formerly known as Allen Manufacturing Company, the company that made the original Allen Wrench, and the bolts/screws that their tools fasten. Their type of fastener, patented in 1909, didn't require the head of the fastener to protrude from the machinery it was used on, which offered both safety and functionality improvements.

Hartford is also home to the company, which produces many chemicals that mechanics use to repair vehicles, such as gasket maker silicone RTV, cleaners, and pumice soap.

Thompson, a town in the most north-eastern county of Connecticut, is where is located.

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