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Wheelbase2761 mm
Max Width1821 mm
Max Length4618 mm
Max Weight1810 kg

The M3 is built by BMW beginning in 1986. It is based on the 3-Series, improved by BMW's motorsports division, BMW M. Its body styles have included coupe, sedan, and convertible. Modifications beyond the original 3-Series included upgraded braking systems, suspension components, 5-speed manual transmissions, slight engine modifications for additional horsepower, and body modifications to improve aerodynamics.

M3 in Motorsports

BMW M3 Drift Car

The M3 has raced in the German Touring Car Series for many years. It has also competed in the American Le Mans Series in both the GT2 and GT4 divisions, and placed high at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

The first (E30) and second (E36) generation M3s are still popular models for motorsport modification in various local/semi-local racing events.

BMW M3 Drifting

The drivetrain layout of the M3 and its sporty suspension make it ideal for drifting. Pictured at the right is an M3 built just for drifting, while at the left is a stock M3 drifting on a closed course.