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What Fluid/Chemical Should I Use On...

Automatic TransmissionManufacturer recommended ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) such as Dextron, Mercron, ATF+4, etc.
BodyLow Harshness Car Wash, Wax (Not quick/spray-on) for Cleaning, White Lithium Grease for Most Hinges
Brake PartsBrake Parts Cleaner for Cleaning, Brake Grease (Organic, Semi-Metallic Pads/Shoes), Ceramic Brake Grease (Ceramic Pads/Shoes) for Lubrication
Constant Velocity/CV AxlesCV Axle Grease
Constantly Variable TransmissionCVT Fluid or Other Manufacturer Recommended Fluid
DifferentialGear Oil (Manufacturer Recommended Weight)
Door HingeWhite Lithium Grease
Door LockDry Lubricant
Engine (Interior)Manufacturer Recommended Weight Rating Motor Oil, Other Additives, Engine Flush for Cleaning (Just before an Oil Change)
Engine (Exterior)Engine Degreaser and/or Brake Parts Cleaner
Engine MountsGrease for Metal Mounts, Silicone Spray for Rubber Mounts
Manual TransmissionGear Oil (Manufacturer Recommended Weight)
Mass Air Flow SensorMass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner (Other Spray Cleaners Damage the Sensor Parts)
Plastic Interior PiecesInterior Detailer Spray
Plastic Exterior Trim PiecesOxidation Remover (Such as Rubbing Compound) or Tire Shine for a Quick Fix
Power SteeringPower Steering Fluid, Automatic Transmission Fluid, or Other Manufacturer Recommended Fluid
Rubber Body Trim PiecesSilicone Spray Lubricant (Keep off Paint)
Rubber Engine Intake TubesSilicone Spray Lubricant and/or Belt Conditioner Spray
Serpentine/Accessory BeltsBelt Conditioner Spray
Timing BeltMust be Replaced
Weather StrippingSilicone Spray Lubricant