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Wheel Studs

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Wheel studs are threaded pins that are driven into a wheel hub so that lug nuts can be used to attach a wheel to the vehicle. The thread can be different pitches and different diameters depending on the vehicle, and sometimes use left-hand thread on one side of the vehicle.

Wheel studs typically have a splined end that is slightly too big for the wheel hub it will be installed in, and the splines become press-fit in the hub when installed, keeping the stud from spinning in the hub hole.

Lug Studs

Instead of lug nuts, some vehicles now use lug studs, which are similar in appearance to a bolt, and thread into the wheel hub when installing a wheel. An installation stud is often used to hold the wheel in place while the first lug studs are installed.

How to Remove Wheel Studs by

A wheel stud can be removed using a wheel stud removal tool or a ball joint press when enough room is available. Check back here for a video showing how to do this soon! In the meantime, enjoy the video by EricTheCarGuy above!