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Trim Panel Removal Tool

Trim panel removal tools are used to pry on trim panels and pull trim rivets in a safe manner. They come in a variety of shapes and materials, which allow them to be better suited for particular jobs.

Plastic Trim Removal Tools

A trim panel removal tool set, like the Ares set shown in the Amazon Affiliate box at the left, comes in multiple shapes so that there are options when attempting to remove trim. Having different shapes allows access to unusual areas, and having multiple pry bars also allows the user to insert a second tool into the work area and get more leverage or into an area that was inaccessible before the first tool was used.

While a metal pry bar would be able to provide a stronger pry, using plastic prying tools is safer on trim panels, which are almost always made out of plastic as well. A plastic tool is much less likely to dig into the trim piece, damaging the appearance or functional parts.

Metal Trim Removal Tools

A plastic fastener remover, like the metal Lisle tool shown in the Amazon Affiliate box at the right, can provide a stronger prying force and is typically used to remove plastic rivets that attach large parts to the metal frame, such as the bottom of a plastic bumper. This particular version has a rubber bead near the working end which can be used to allow for better leverage, protect a plastic part, or can be moved up towards the handle if it isn't needed.

This tool also works for medium-duty prying of other parts, such as some seals that can be accessed from the inside.