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Cars Simplified: Season 4

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Cars Simplified: Season 4


  1. How to Remove Mold & Mildew From Car Seats
  2. How to Remove LEDs From a Car
  3. How to Build a Strut Assembly
  4. Two Ways to Test a Brake Light Switch
  5. How Does a PCV Valve Work?
  6. How to Buy Auto Parts: In Store & Online
  7. What's Inside a Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor?
  8. Four Reasons Why You Shouldn't Drive in the Rain With Your Hazard Lights On
  9. GTO Reverse Light & Tag Light Upgrade/Replacement
  10. Test a Throttle Position Sensor using a Multimeter or OBD II Scanner
  11. Modern Automotive Tariffs & The Chicken Tax
  12. DOT 3 VS DOT 4 Brake Fluid: Do They Mix & Which is Best?
  13. What's Inside an Oxygen Sensor? Two O2 Sensors Taken Apart
  14. Rear Lights Don't Have to be Red Any More
  15. A Lucky Bit of Bad Luck • Steve's Oldsmobile Story
  16. How to Replace Fog Light Bulbs With LEDs (a Lighting Upgrade)
  17. Repairing a Key Fob/Remote Chip Board
  18. 2004/2005/2006 Pontiac GTO Fog Lights: Replacing & Upgrading to LED

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