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Alternative Fuels

The following is a list of alternative fuels in alphabetical order. This will include things that aren't truly "fuel" but are different sources of energy, as well as fuels that aren't considered "alternative" so that you can see how they compare. Carbon and other impacts will be rated in comparison to other items on the list; the highest environmental impacts on this list are not the chemicals that have the largest impact on the environment overall.

Type of EnergyAKACarbon ImpactOther ImpactsChemical Example
B100 High Low C17H34O2
High High C12H23
Ethyl Alcohol Moderate Mixed C2H5OH
Gyroscopic Battery Near 0 Low1 Metal
Petrol High Mid-High C8H18
Little to None1 Minimal1 H2
LiCo Batteries Minimal High LiCoO2
RNG Negative2 Minimal to Beneficial CH4
Nuclear Near 0 It's Complicated 235U
Moderate Moderate C3H8
  1. Environmental impacts vary based on production, and in some cases may be able to be reduced to negligible impact one day.
  2. Natural gas recovered from sources that would otherwise pollute via methane emissions can be turned into a fuel that produces carbon emissions that are less harmful than the unused methane.

This list may be missing some fuels, but some fuels are just more specialized versions of fuels listed already, or are a blend (like E15, a blend of ethanol and gasoline) of fuels. This list currently contains 13 items.