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CRC White Lithium Grease

CRC makes an aerosol white lithium grease aerosol spray for automotive, home, and other uses. The grease is a thin, slick, white grease that isn't runny, which makes it great for parts like door hinges. It is an NLGI Grade 2 grease, a common viscosity for general purpose grease.

As seen at the right (in the teal and blue can), CRC also makes a marine grade white lithium grease, with some added resistance to water and sodium/salt, which is commonly an issue on marine applications.

CRC Heavy Duty White Lithium Grease

According to the MSDS, CRC's standard aerosol white lithium grease is 30 to 60% Methylpentane (C6H15), 10 to 30% Petroleum Distillates/Acid-Treated Heavy Naphthenic, 10 to 30% Liquified Petroleum Gas (C3H8/C3H6/C4H10), and less than ten percent Zinc Oxide (ZnO). It is roughly 70% volatiles, which helps to make it very flammable.

CRC Industries White Lithium Grease Demo

Seen above is CRC's demonstration of their white lithium grease, as opposed to the same grease by Blue Works. The video shows that their product is less runny, sticks better, and is tougher to push away than that of Blue Works.

While the video does show a definite visual difference between the two greases, there is no way of knowing how uniform the pressure applied to both were the same. It is unknown if there are instructions on the Blue Works brand that weren't followed, such as needing to be shaken up, or applying in a thinner or thicker coat.