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Camber, Caster, & Toe Explained

Wheels on modern vehicles don't just stay perpendicular to the road, the suspension system angles the wheels so they can get the most grip when turning. Three commonly-known terms that describe wheel angles are camber, caster, and toe. All vehicles use these settings in different ways, and are part of the alignment process. Racing vehicles tend to have these settings adjusted differently for each track.

Camber (Positive & Negative)

Camber measures the tilt of the wheels where the bottom is moved toward or away from the vehicle, so that one edge of the tread or the other is contacting the road more than the other. (Read More)


Caster is the positioning of the wheel mount in comparison to the steering axis. (Read More)

Toe (In & Out)

Toe is a measurement of how much the wheels face inward or outward on the steering axis. (Read More)