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Business Opportunities

Now is your opportunity to collaborate with Cars Simplified! Our evergreen automotive video content library can be a long-term stream of customers, but that starts with a seed of content planted today!

Why Cars Simplified?

Cars Simplified focuses on making content people seek out, and for people that want to learn. We cover both broad and niche topics, so while some videos don't draw in the view counts of more broad topics, they serve as a vital piece of information for the viewers that do come across them. It's better to reach 100 people that need your product than 100,000 that don't. This is the advantage that Cars Simplified brings.

Search Engine Optimization

Even though , we don't limit ourselves to just optimizing for YouTube! In fact, from June 17th, 2022, to June 16th, 2023, over 45% of our viewers came from external sources, and over 30% came from YouTube Search.

We know how to reach an audience that is looking for answers! Let us do both the initial SEO work and the occasional tweaking, so you can focus on making the best product you can!

Beyond "Today's Video is Sponsored By..."

People hate ads, and are very likely to skip them. Be seen by being a part of the content instead of interrupting it! Why try to sell a hammer to people that need a wrench, when you can reach people that are about to learn they need a hammer? Cars Simplified offers this ideal situation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do sponsored product reviews?

While we do review products, we prefer not to do them because the audience is always skeptical of them, regardless of who is making them. Our preferred method is integrating a product into a tutorial where the product is used.

Can we decide the title/description/tags of a video?

Yes, but we highly recommend not to go this route. Our two recommended methods for you is to have a hands-off approach, or to let us know what specific audience you may be targeting. When the product name is forced into a title, it makes it much less likely to be clicked or found, unless someone is searching for your product to begin with. Reaching new people is more important for sponsored content than being another stepping stone to someone's purchase journey.

How much control does the sponsor get?

The more control we have over the final product, the better things tend to perform. Viewers can tell when a sponsor forces them to do things, and respond negatively to it. Both within Cars Simplified and in general, the best performing content is focused on making a good video first.

While we will occasionally allow for some sponsor input when the situation merits it, but we will flat out turn down any deal where the sponsor has the final say.