Season Two

Season two began April 12th. This new season is longer than the previous, covering more topics and producing more repair videos.


  1. Air Filters Versus Breather Filters
  2. How Idle Air Control Valves Work
  3. GearWrench Roto-Head Ratchet Review
  4. Oil Filter Comparison: Inlet Port Sizes
  5. Replacing Sway Bar Links: 2007 Ford Explorer RWD
  6. Stop Leak: Ways it Does or Doesn't Work
  7. Why do Cars Burn Oil? Episode 1: PCV Valves
  8. How to Fix a Fuel Cap that Locks too Early
  9. How to Replace a Cartridge Oil Filter (2012 Dodge Avenger)
  10. Replacing a Cabin Air Filter: 2008-2013 Dodge Avenger
  11. How to use Bulb Grease & Why it's Important
  12. How to Replace Headlight Bulbs
  13. Super Fast 13-Second Cabin Filter Swap
  14. 3D Printed Auto Parts: A Shift Towards The Future?

Season Intro Clip