Cars Simplified:
An Introduction

Automobiles both old and new are incredibly complex machines that hundreds of millions of people use every day, but quite a lot of people know very little about them and how they work, sometimes leading to unnecessary expenses. This site hopes to provide all the information you desire about vehicles, and to make the learning experience as easy as possible for you, the reader. We even have a forum where questions can be asked and discussions can take place.

Navigating the Site

The large "Cars Simplified" title at the top of every page is a link that will bring you to the home page, and just below the title is a navigation bar with some of the locations on the site which are frequently visited. After that is the title of the page you are on, followed by the information (which is what you are looking at right now!). At the bottom, the footer includes some links to Cars Simplified on social sites, our web designer's page, a button to +1 the site's home page, and perhaps most importantly, a search bar which allows you to search any vehicle term you want, and it will show every result available on the site, including the forum's pages.

Every information page will link to any part/term that is mentioned, the first time it appears. If you are reading an article and something you don't understand shows up, these links will save you searching time in addition to highlighting key terms.

Other Information

Sometimes you'll see a box with page information. Here are the current ones you'll find around our site:

IncompleteSorry, this article is currently incomplete. We'll have this finished up soon. In the meantime, check out some other articles on Cars Simplified!

This means a page is incomplete. This is a place saver page so links can be made without directing users to error pages. However, sometimes these pages still have enough information on them to give you a basic understanding of the part or term. Steve is working hard to get all these pages complete!

This topic might be advanced, and reading content this page links to might help! If not, check the home page for unfamiliar terms.

While we strive to make this site as simple as possible, some topics just aren't able to be covered without some advanced knowledge. If the whole page is advanced, this will appear at the top. However, some pages will have just an advanced section, and when that is the case, the box will appear in that section. When this is the case, we try to keep all the advanced portions at the bottom of the page.

This involves chemical names, terms, and/or reactions, which may be complicated without a basic understanding of chemistry.

A more specific form of the advanced topic, this is a notice that chemistry and chemical terms will be involved. Mostly what will be covered on this site is Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen (H2), and Carbon (C2). Many automotive fuels are Hydrocarbons, which are Carbon atoms surrounded by and bonded to Hydrogen atoms.