Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is so plain-looking?

    This web site is designed plain on purpose for multiple reasons. First, it helps minimize distractions from learning, the main purpose of this site. Secondly, the site is designed to have as little code as possible to aid in load times; this may not seem like much of an important feature with modern internet connections and computing speeds, but if you are stranded somewhere and need to look up something so you can possibly fix your car, a site with minimal page size will be a great benefit when your smart phone is barely recieving a signal!

  2. What made you start ?

    Among friends of mine, I was the go-to guy for car advice and questions about how cars work, and sometimes I would find myself wishing I had photos to show. A web site solved that with the added perks of being able to be found by other people. I already had a basic understanding of web design, so making a web site made sense.

  3. What automotive experience do have?

    I have over five years experience working at an auto parts store, most of that time as a manager. I have also worked on friends' cars for years, and I'm currently attending a tech school's automotive program.